The powerful bass lines of the piano and the sweet melodies of the double bass

From modern jazz to film music, classical to contemporary, JPMB draws its inspiration from the backgrounds of its two members.

JPMB have mixed the roles of the traditional  jazz duo, creating a new and vibrant music while performing it in their own inimitable style.

JPMB traces its origins to a meeting of minds in Manchester, UK spring of 2000. From their first notes together, rehearsing at the Royal Northern College of Music, it was clear that John Pickup and Matt Baker had an especially strong musical connection. Between 2000 and 2006, John and Matt performed in duo and trio throughout London and the UK until Matt’s move to Spain. After a break of 6 years, the duo met again to an overwhelming response from the legendary Valencian jazz venue, Jimmy Glass and JPMB was born.

JPMB draws its inspiration from the backgrounds of its two members.  John Pickup, a renowned composer of film and studio music and Matt Baker,  double bassist of the Palau de les Arts Opera in Valencia, Spain add these skills into the mix of their accomplishments in the field of jazz to create a genre of music with the precision and scope of classical and contemporary composed music with the inspiration of improvised jazz. JPMB performs their own original compositions as well as music from the silver screen and modern day standards.

Since 2017, JPMB has begun working in trio with one of the leading drummers in Spain, Dani Dominguez, and welcomes him as an integral part of this artistic project.


John Pickup and Matt Baker join forces in the launch of their debut album, “Solace”. A combination of original compositions and melodies from the silver screen “Solace” is a cd of modern jazz with a decidedly cinematic twist.

Classic workmanship in an album that will go on to be timeless”

La Vanguardia

“A beautiful CD”

Jose Juan Pamblanco, Jazz Tk

“sumptuous yet delicate, quite unique and really quite special. The whole CD is simply very beautiful”

Bass World (International Society of Bassists)

“Very sensitive, very beautiful”

Alex Garcia