Valencia Baryton Project

String trios with four instruments? A harpsichord hiding behind the cello? The Valencia Baryton Project has dedicated itself to the performance of music of the ancient and little-known instrument, the baryton. Played by only a handful of people worldwide, the instrument is a cross between a viola da gamba and a lirone, and was considered the pinnacle of aristocratic instruments of the 18th century. Today, the baryton gives the traditional string trio an entirely new dimension.

The Valencia Baryton Project was formed by colleagues from the opera of the Palau de les Arts in Valencia, Spain and the Orchestre National de Montpellier, France, with the vision of performing the nearly 160 works written by Franz Joseph Haydn in various formations with the baryton. At the heart of the ensemble is the traditional formation in trio – baryton, viola, and violoncello – for which Haydn wrote 126 works of outstanding beauty during his time as the court composer for the Prince Esterhazy of Austria.

From the Americas to Europe, the Valencia Baryton Project has brought their music to audiences around the world, delighting them with an entirely new repertoire by one of the greatest composers of the ages, Franz Joseph Haydn. The Diputación of Peñiscola praised the “virtuosity of the trio” at their grand opening of the gothic hall of the Templar castle, the centerpiece of their international music festival. The Valencia Baryton Project has just finished recording Naxos Records’  first baryton CD of their catalog and one of very few baryton recordings on a major label and look forward to its release in 2021. 

“The Valencia Baryton Project, a complete success” – El Periódico Mediterráneo, 9/2019