Zambelli/Baker Duo

10 strings, 2 instruments, one voice.

The Matt Baker and Fabio Zambelli duo links traditional jazz improvisation with the nuances of chamber music to create a lyrical repertoire based in the genre of Chamber Jazz.

Matt Baker and Fabio Zambelli began working together in London in 2004 with the creation of the modern jazz quartet Quazamba. Seven years later they branched out into the guitar and bass duo format, experimenting with a fusion of lyricism and form influenced from classical chamber music with the freedom and spontaneity of jazz. Throughout their exploration of the genre of chamber jazz they have invited guests to work with them in their concerts in Italy and Spain, including Victor Mendoza (vibes), Voro Garcia (trumpet), and Marco Zanoli (drums) as well as the Valencian jazz trio ‘Bron’ amongst others. Four years later their work has come to fruition; “full of sensations, lyricism and colours” (Tipografia La Moderna, 10/2015). They have released their first CD, “Train to Laveno” with the Valencian label Sedajazz.

Train to Laveno

“Train to Laveno” is the first album from the Zambelli/Baker Duo and launches the duo into the world of chamber jazz. Full of lyricism, ambience and sensitivity, “Train to Laveno” takes the listener on a journey that is “rich in ability and musicality” (La Tipografia Moderna, 10/2015).

DJ from Rio

by Zambelli/Baker Duo | Train to Laveno

“Matt Baker and Fabio Zambelli inaugurated the season with a delectable concert premiering their recent work on their CD “Train to Laveno” – Carlos Figuerola, Radio Alcoy, Program Jazz Club El Mussol

Both (Fabio and Matt) shine with their improvisational ability and with their unique technique and feel”

– Bruno Pollacci, Animajazz

“A combination of classical music with a more free and contemporary jazz; an offering whose result is very attractive for lovers of good music”.

“An example of a project which is humble yet outstanding, with dignity and quality” (Vicente Chambó – Makma Journal)

“Very poetic in its inspiration and spontaneity”

– Distrito Jazz

“The 11 songs of the CD are suggestive and evocative creations that create an ambience”

Carlos Figuerola

Tipografia La Moderna